Blues Guitar Lesson – Shared Delta Blues Licks – Rev. Robert Jones

Blues Guitar Lesson - Shared Delta Blues Licks - Rev. Robert Jones

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  1. i love you man

  2. Yeah that’s what confuses me when I tune open g / e ..How do I play a minor chord shape? I like the c shape and f shape at the end…Kinda turned my brain a bit! Thank you!!

  3. No scale and no theory just pure soul.

  4. best thing I've seen in the last 10years

  5. Blues is the original folk music, music for and by the people. Thank you Rev for putting it out so simply and so passionately for all of us to enjoy! You are a great teacher, speaker, player and historian of the blues!

  6. so is in open D?..or G?..jus to start out the lesson

  7. Very helpful lesson , thanks for posting

  8. Is this a true fire course?

  9. Old style mississippi black music
    Wots better..?!?!

  10. This man is a genius! What a talent.

  11. Excellent lesson, Rev. Robert. Crystal clear. Now if I can just get the hang of a slide.

  12. I wanted to learn slide but I’m never going to be like this,just brilliant thank you

  13. One in a million,,,master class

  14. masterclass!

  15. Go to any Blues Work Shop taught by Blacks and all the Students are White…not a Black or Latino will be found.

  16. Would not mind a dusty bar and this man just playing.. love it

  17. You Sir, are an excellent teacher and historian. I Can't help but sliding around with your teachings. Thanks a lot.

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