Blues Guitar Lesson – Slide, Resonator, and Open Tunings – Rev. Robert Jones

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  1. Anthony Wayne Walker

    Wonderful instruction. Great video.

  2. Incredible lesson!

  3. thanks gregg.i will this is tim mentzer

  4. Over four minutes before any be music. You don't have that much to ssy…

  5. correct me if im wrong and im sorry if this sounds riacist but wasnt charley patton 25% native american?

  6. Good to see you Rev. Jones. Haven't heard from you since WDET. I am a big fan.

  7. Just awesome.. thank you

  8. This is some of the best explanation of information I've seen in the 2 years I've been learning guitar.

  9. . . . music that people are dancing to, drinking to, fightin' to. The blues.

  10. RIGHT ON, Reverend!… (BRAVO!…)

  11. Thank you for the excellent lesson. I play an open E tuning on a Gibson Les Paul Studio.

  12. Interesting history. Thank you.

  13. Familiar with the drop D…. thanks for introducing me to this G tuning… (the b makes all the difference) excellent presentation

  14. Blues forever! Greetings from Brasil!

  15. how can you be a man of god, a reverend whilst holding a tool of the devil?

  16. Ten minutes every blues player needs in their knowledge locker. Many thanks for this lesson. 75 and still learning.

  17. want one of these guitars for ever just can not get the money it has to b a nationali need the universe to give me one something somehow if anybodies got one they dont want let me know thx

  18. Love your singing!

  19. Beautifully presented.

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