Blues Guitar Lesson – Solo Blues Shuffle in G – Learn to Improvise on Guitar – EP265

In this blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a solo blues shuffle that can be played in ANY key (there are no open strings). This is a solo composition, no accompaniment is required.

To view the Part 2 video, as well as download the tablature, and access the interactive tab viewer for this lesson, visit
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  1. Cool , I hope to see a lesson where you take a pop tune , apply jazz concepts , making a straight pop song jazz

  2. Is the C chord really Bflat? (minute 7)

  3. Anne Marie Kaczorowski

    I like your guitar. Who makes it?

  4. I signed up a couple of months ago, happy customer so far.

  5. Fascinating as always ..
    Thanks sir !

  6. Best guitar teacher on you tube ! Always my go to lessons ! Thanks

  7. Super lesson!!! Thanx Brian

  8. Beautiful axe!

  9. svetozar marovic

    This is best lesson on yt

  10. What an awesome guitar and guitarist

  11. What is the guitar? Nice man!

  12. All your original compositions are really good. Do you have any albums out?

  13. This is awesome. Thanks

  14. This is great, Brian. I look forward to trying to learn it.

  15. Love it. You rock it Brian.

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