Blues Guitar Lessons – The First Scale You Should Learn How to Solo – E minor Pentatonic Scale

E Jam Track
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  1. When and which patterns we have to use in different situations?

  2. Marty you da man!

  3. Hi just wonder what the title of the song is at 7.20, it's been doing my head in!!

  4. Just get on with the lesson already!

  5. Eugene Agustin

    You actually changed my life

  6. I am 68 years old and been trying to learn how to play guitar for over 40 years and now with your videos I finally able to actually playing blues . You are great at teaching guitar. Please keep doing these videos.

  7. oğulcan kesim


  8. What's the second thing i should learn once i have this down? G minor? Or the next position of e minor?

  9. Benjamin Swaggerty

    Marty Schwartz, wearing Shwart Shwartz on a hot summer day…

  10. This reminds of Rumble by Link Wray

  11. mmartinisgreat

    Dislikes are from metal fans. That cant play fast.

  12. Brandon Stroud

    Only person I can learn from. Thanks. Was that Motley Crue on the looper btw?

  13. I really like this video because I know songs but I don't know any of the notes so I feel like I'm only copying the music not truly learning it like I did in school

  14. This is a beautiful lesson, Marty. Not even private teachers give this much information in 15 minutes. You really are genuine guy. I've subscribed.

  15. THE Acoustarist

    Learn Em scale with 5 licks in my channel

  16. Woah ! Its seemingly easy when you teach it. Sweet! Love your videos.

  17. Marty always looks like he's disagreeing with the music he's playing

  18. A question/lesson that would be amazing is: It is interesting that all of these songs work with this scale and yet some of them are using notes that are a half step back from the scale. So then if that note also works well with the scale then why isn’t it a part of the scale too? I think all of these songs you play are probably in e minor. So that’s why those notes are okay too- because they are in the e minor scale. So I guess the question is when playing a pentatonic scale in e minor does that really mean you use mostly those pentatonic notes but you also can throw in some e minor notes but you definitely stay away from anything outside of that. I also see you sliding down the neck a whole step and playing I think in g minor pentatonic then right? So how does that work. I haven’t seen one of these pentatonic videos explaining the theory of that and how that works in terms of which notes you can slide down to and use as your new base- like maybe g minor pentatonic works, but would b, and then d also technically in that same shape? Thanks for your videos dude. Long time fan since guitar jamz and hope you never take any videos down so I can go and watch every one in consecutive order from oldest to new!

  19. Great lesson Marty. Love your stuff.

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