Blues Phrasing And Expression – Blues Guitar Lesson #9

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Welcome to video nine of the Blues Guitar Quick-Start Series. In this lesson we are going to talk about how to start developing phrasing and self-expression for your blues solos. We will cover phrasing, bending, sliding, and vibrato.

In the next lesson we’re going to talk about blues turnaround licks. So work through this lesson and then continue on with the Blues Guitar Quick-Start series to learn more.

You can find all of the blues guitar lessons here:

You can get the jam-track for this lesson here:



  1. You R SO ,ARTICULATE. Thanks, for this will B a great one of many warm_UPS for me. Peace out

  2. 14,500 views but 50 likes and 1 comment?

  3. are you suppose to phrase the words of the song?

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