Blues Rhythm and Lead Guitar Lesson

Visit for more guitar lessons like this one. In this guitar lesson video, I show you how to play a slow blues rhythm while mixing in some lead notes at the same time. This style of music is great if you’re playing something by yourself with no accompaniment. Feel free to ask questions if you have them!
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  1. Great lesson !  Thank you..

  2. Thank you so very much Brian! I simply can't relate to the notes intuitively so, your tedious instruction of finger placement is what I have needed for 30 years! You're an excellent teacher! .:Dave Allen:.

  3. This may sound like a dumb question. Do you have any videos explaining tone selection on es 335? Still trying to get the right tone setting. like you have

  4. Dr-Ng'umbi Nickson Hassanally

    Thank you Brian, Though i have not mastered it, the progress is good! But I have a general question; what is the difference between lead, solo and rythm? To me solo is like one note played at a time, rythm is like chords and lead is like in between the two!! Is it like that? Do you have a tutorial for this? If no please make one! Thanks #ActiveMelody.

  5. Cool lesson really helped me 🙂

  6. Thanks a lot!  I just bought my first guitar 4 months ago and still can't play a single song but this worked for me.

  7. I really like his tone… Sounds like a tube amp with a reverb and maybe just enough bass to give it body.

  8. Thank you, I really appreciate this! Beyond the grips, what you're doing offers a lot to think about. I've been playing on and off for most of my life and some very obvious things have eluded me (my musical education is very uneven). I'm going to check out your website after I've explored a few more of your giveaways.

  9. This is such a great blues lesson. It's easy to follow and really satisfying to play. Thanks.

  10. Natasha John (junebug)

    out of all the blues tutorials, this helped the most. thank you! ♥

  11. Abellot ambfibló

    with tabs please :)

  12. Louis Brantley Jr

    He has a 335 cherry red hollow body gipson that was my first guitar to see my sweetheart again, thanks a load

  13. a quarter step is also called a blue note

  14. LindaMarie Johnson

    Cool stuff indeed, gotta practice that lesson, takes me from the '70's up to the 2000's…..

  15. I just want to thank you for all the time you put in these lessons. I just love your style, you're the best!! Thanks 

  16. Hey Brian. I don't know if you do requests and I enjoy learning a lot of your videos , I don't know if you take requests but I' having trouble with ,come and go blues, just thought I'd suggest it in you liked idea and thanks. Just down the road.

  17. Cool video thank you ! Could you do or will you do a guitar lesson of the song "It hurts me too" by Elmore James ? I can't find it anywhere.

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