Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson – Key of E

Download the tab and jam track used in this lesson at – In this lesson I’ll show you a different way to play a 12 bar blues rhythm. This has more of a shuffle feel, but is something that you can do on either an acoustic guitar or electric guitar
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  1. Thanks for some really good tips Brian , you breathe fresh music, air especially for us old ones . Love it

  2. great riff , it's a step up from just  doing stuff  with major E,A B7. would be nice if you could show more of your active fingers , sometimes the inactive fingers block the view. I'm very visual for learning these riffs .

  3. Fuck man, thats fucking great! really good job mate

  4. Great lesson only problem is that he stutter a lot with a lot of pauses thinking how to explain or whatever he's pausing for

  5. Hey Brian I am brand new to electric guitar. I am thinking about buying an Epiphone 335 pro. I would love to have that Gibson your playing, but I think this may be a financially better choice for my ability. What do you think about this guitar and or do you have another opinion? Also what pedals do I need to play most blues music?

  6. Great lesson.

  7. Great lesson, but I think youre missing an important part of it by not describing the intervals & triads youre creating with these hammer ons

  8. I will definitely use this, thanks.

  9. Oh, I know what your sliding into.

    Them slick jams.

  10. has any one actually learnt to play watching videos…!!! just curious..!!

  11. Cool Brian! Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge.

  12. You looked like JJ Abrams

  13. Very nice! Thank you.

  14. Very nice Brian. Thanks!

  15. Nick Waterhouse

  16. Lava Cable ?

  17. Great lesson. On a different note (pun intended) could you post a lesson on the song Scotch and Soda by the Kingston Trio.

  18. AmericanIsraeliJew

    I'm anxious to try this thanks so much picker.

  19. great information, but the lesson could use a little polishing.  You are allowed to do multiple takes before you upload it. It is great information, though.

  20. Thank you !…Whith you I understand !

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