Blues Rock Trio – One Chord Blues Guitar Lesson EP206

In this blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play both rhythm and lead in a rock / blues trio. The included MP3 jam track has only bass and drums, therefore you’ll be defining the song as major or minor.

To view the 2nd half of this guitar lesson (the solo), as well as download the MP3 jam track and the tablature, visit
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  1. awesome lesson Brian. thanks

  2. Could you do a blues lesson ?

    lol x)

  3. Your video deserves more attention, check out: U 2 B Z O N E . C O M

  4. That's Bad Ass!!!!!!!

  5. Stephen Rawding

    Man you're an awesome teacher. EXTREMELY easy to learn from, cause you make things easier to understand & you're very thorough. Got Patreon? So that I may become a contributor.

  6. Keep it up Brian! Great work, thanks

  7. You're the best in Nashville!

  8. That's a real cool lesson Brian too dude

  9. Richard Eirhart

    Awesome lesson, Brian

  10. You have no idea how much these videos mean to me!!!

  11. great stuff Thanks

  12. My style of blues,active melody for life!

  13. more of this heavy blues! i love it

  14. Good

  15. Awesome Brian!!

  16. That's good, but where is the Aardvark??

  17. Love this way of playing the guitar>:>:>:> Thanks  Brian.

  18. continue making these type of videos!!
    i love!!
    im portuguese

  19. Rodney Massihi

    love it dude…..also from Australia

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