Blues Scale For Bass Guitar

In this lesson we look at the Blues Scale (or Minor Blues Scale). This is a simple variation on the Minor Pentatonic from the previous lesson and is VERY common in all styles of pop, jazz and blues music.

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  1. Thanks for another great lesson. As a beginner, fretting the top of the neck is a real challenge. Maybe you could make a quick video on good technique and in particular hand/finger position for things like the c major scale. While I can play it slowly, I believe my approach is wrong and it makes things harder and more uncomfortable than necessary.

  2. thanks excellent lesson

  3. can you make a video on how to play triplets on any riffs because it is very difficult for me to learn triplets

  4. Thanks for the lesson

  5. Sound kinda like lowrider 🙂

  6. Is there a lesson on blues soloing ? It would help me a lot!

  7. I was thinking of going to bed. ummm.. may be not.

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