Blues solo 16 – flatpicking + TAB! Acoustic guitar lesson, learn to play

Tab at
Learn how to play acoustic flatpicking blues guitar. Lots of progressive lessons and blues solos with free tabs and videos.
You find lots of free accurate guitar tabs on


  1. ..Cara, vc é bom demais!! Suas Aulas são sinistras!! Gostei muito!!

  2. @acacia glenn: do you know D7 chord? Well its nearly the same (figure of fingers). Put it on the position in tab. So, 3 fingers are on , Now: put your pink next to it over those 2 stings. I hope you understand (English is not my main language)

  3. Very good, man. Your videos help me so much. Thank you very much.

  4. so great project especialy because it is for free and tres tres bien fait pour apprend ca ..

  5. @g00ner43va pretty late, but it's easier for you to read it with the tabs

  6. It sounds amazing but why is the neck upside down?

  7. awesome!

  8. @shanonofficial dude this guys vids are awesome just watch them and listen feel the blues and you'll get it I picked this up in 10 minutes sit down and practice FEEL THE BLUES its the most rewarding music to play on the guitar!

  9. this is som good jamming verry nice i am gonna learn this

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