BLUR – SONG 2 Guitar Lesson Tutorial – Easy Power Chords

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The ‘Andy Guitar Band’ members are;
Andy: Vocals and guitar
Thomas McConville: Guitar
Chris Skelly: Bass
Thom Mills: Drums

Drum tutorials for this series will go live soon on the ‘Thom Mills Drums’ YouTube channel here

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  1. Thank you Andy! I love this song, it's very powerful.

  2. Andy you’re the best, thank you for all that you do.

  3. Great video.✌✌✌

  4. Raven's Playground

    I'm awestrucked really. I started playing E-Guitar last year December tried out some chords and what not. Since April I have guitar lessons and I have the fun of my life, although I'm already 40, but that doesn't bother me at all. Guess what song I just started to learn? Yeah Song 2 and right now Andy you come up with that great tutorial to just the song I'm learning. What a coincidence. Thank you so much for the work and sweat you put into that project. The idea playing along to a band is just great. And as a beginner I can honestly say, it is not that hard to follow your instructions. Great job Andy really. Best regards Raven

  5. Man that was fun to play

  6. Stafford's Music Studio

    Classic song good job!

  7. Сергей Поляков

    Thank you very much))

  8. My band has this in our setlists and goes over very well in clubs

  9. Nice video
    Big like from jakarta

  10. Hey Andy!
    Which amp do you think is better as a budget amp, the boss katana or blackstar ht-1?

  11. 137th view + 3rd comment + 13th like

  12. Big fan broo

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