Blur – Tender – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Drue James

Acoustic guitar lesson for Tender by Blur. This tutorial has the intro lead guitar, rhythm and the chords. Subscribe for 2 new lessons every week:

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  1. Hello @Drue James,

    Kindly do (If I go, I'm going by Gregory Alan) guitar lesson

    Many thanks.

  2. Hi Drue James,just whant tell you if can do a tutorial from the song of "Swim deep" that is called "one great song and I could change the world" please is a great song

  3. Olivia Holzhauer

    You are an amazing teacher!!!! I would really like for you to put a tutorial for driftwood heart by Saywecanfly it is a beautiful song on guitar and I would love a tutorial for it!! You are one of the best guitar teachers on youtube and I love this channel. Thank you :)

  4. montejano christopher

    good rythym must try on guitar also 1 is the thin E string

  5. Do you think you could do a lesson on: minuet bye: from first to last
    It's a relatively short instrumental acoustic peace. Since the first time I've heard it I wanted to play it so badly. Also thank you, you are a fantastic teacher. Your lessons are so descriptive that being blind doesn't hinder my learning experience. And I very much appreciate your work

  6. hey drue james can you tell me what is your guitar brand and series??

  7. Thank you so much James!!You are an unbelievable teacher!! I also wanted to ask you if you could a lesson on 500 miles by the proclaimers…really cool song in my opinion!!! Y.P. HAVE A NICE DAY!!!

  8. could you do a lesson on the song "cold cold cold" by cage the elephant.

  9. its say PEACE in ur shirt.

  10. Αννα Αλικακ

    Another great video!! Well done!! Can you please do a tutorial of Ewan Rheon – Bang Bang, or Noah – Sexy and I know it??

  11. Can you pease do Old Pine by Ben Howard or Woodland by the Paper Kites?

  12. Excellent video can you do tutorial of this life sons of anarchy theme

  13. can you do arabella by artic monkeys

  14. maroon 5 payphone please

  15. não vem com esse sorrisinho não porque as cifras finherstyle boas todas tem que comprar –'

  16. Nice video sir!! Hats off to you!! I would also like to complement you for the effort you put into making all your lessons!!

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