Bob Dylan Times They Are A-Changin' Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Bob Dylan Times They Are A-Changin' Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Come gather round people, wherever you roam to learn this classic Bob Dylan tune. Today, I’m breaking down the chords and strumming pattern used to play Times They Are A-Changin’! Grab your acoustic guitars and let’s get playing!

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  1. Recently got into Alter Bridge and would love to see some lessons of some of their songs :).

  2. i liked it thank you! i'll be back

  3. Thanks for the classic breakdown Marty! Nice Work!

  4. Could you do a tutorial on Silver Lining by Mt Joy? Thanks! Love your channel. I’ve learned a ton of songs from you.

  5. Teach us Thickfreakness by the black keys please

  6. Marty I believe that YouTube deleted your November Rain lesson. I was wondering if you could either re-upload it or start fresh. Thanks Marty for this lesson.

  7. Great lesson Marty, keep the good work up!

  8. Jagbattleduty752 Gaming Channel

    Marty I know it may not be highly requested and there’s not all that much there to teach but I’ve committed to learning all of the wall by Pink Floyd and I can’t find any lessons for the beginning of Another Brick In the Wall pt 1. If you could do that it would be amazing as I haven’t yet developed the war so I can’t just pick it up on my own yet.

  9. Paul anka.
    Put your head on my shoulder

  10. hey Marty, can you please do a guitar tutorial on 'trains' by porcupine tree

  11. Idk if I've asked before but I'd love to see a lesson on how to play Mr. Speed by Kiss

  12. do "lead me home" by Jamie N Commons

  13. How you do a lesson on party tonight from regular show, there aren’t any other sources to learn it from and I really love you videos!

  14. Would love some Rush! I greatly enjoyed that fly by night lesson as well as my band. Maybe Tom Sawyer? Or Red Barchetta? 2112? We are open to all! Please Marty, love your vids!

  15. Can u do jesus saves by jeremy camp

  16. Can u do jesus saves by jeremy camp

  17. Can u do jesus saves by jeremy

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