Bob Marley "Could You Be Loved" Guitar Lesson – Reggae Guitar

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Could you be could you be could you be loved?
Hope you guys are doing well out there, here’s a guitar lesson for Bob Marley’s “Could You Be Loved” I hope it helps and you have a great time!


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  1. Thanks for supporting MartyMusic! Free courses at

  2. More reggae !! god bless

  3. “Could you B minor” -jared from subway

  4. Awesome..

  5. Marty you really know your staff man. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Why doesn’t he explain it more

  7. Love the reggae tutorials. Thanks boss.

  8. loved this one Marty! thank u so mutch great lesson

  9. Totally awesome lesson

  10. Thanks man! I’ve gotta play with the down stroke and the upstroke to see what sounds best but do you think the Wailers played it with an upstroke on the “and”?

  11. Cristóbal Lobos

    Good lesson, great video.

  12. Marty could you possibly look into doing some tash sultana

  13. Thanks morning I never dreamed then I can play like I can. So much so I bought Gibson Les Paul SE semi hollow body Sumbre that’s all thank you you have no idea or maybe you do i’ve watched you for so long I can learn from anybody else and I’m trying to learn Needle and a spoon I love playing Lynyrd Skynyrd there fun to play I’m a big fan thanks man

  14. AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I jut can’t get the rhythm

  16. Hey Marty Ed Price here. Gotta tell ya I have been watching you a while now and I have learned more from your style than any other you tuber. Great friendly positive energy and you really break it all down in a way that's easy to grab hold of. Full support here dude.

  17. Lucas Fernández Sarmiento

    Hey, it would be amazing if you could do an acoustic tutorial of melt my heart to stone by Adele, the version where it's​ just her and a guitarist sounds amazing!!

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