Bob Marley Guitar Lesson – Reggae – Stir it Up – How to Play on Guitar

Please watch: “Beginner Acoustic guitar lesson “Tom Petty I won’t back down” How to” –~–
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  1. Suuper Cool!

  2. What kind of amp settings are you using I’m not sure how to make that sound with my guitar haha

  3. Wow thanks, realy good lesson

  4. blkrock surfboards

    you are a very kind professor Regge playin guitar, Im learning to play electric guitar, and your way to teach is very very relax, best to you and keep rocking

  5. Wow! The Classic! Muito bom!

  6. Can't I use the acoustic guitar rather to play reggae?

  7. Amigo podrias enseñar el ritmo por favor me seria de gran ayuda

  8. marty congratulation my name is cosme valente i from acapulco mexico you are excelent teacher sorry for my bad englihs regards

  9. Awesome. Probably the first song I can play well. Love the Bob.

  10. It would be good if you actually taught us the chords

  11. Your guitar sounds beautiful wow.

  12. How the hell do you set the amp to make it sound like this? I cant even come close

  13. Good tutorial loved while playing

  14. Marty when I come to California I wanna jam with you on this song. You play the bass line I'll do the rhythm or we can switch. Your Gibson has such a sweet satisfying sound

  15. that aint the solo i was looking for, the rest is good, but the solo, nah

  16. How To Play Reggae

    It is the right hand that's the most important here! Get that right and you will be in groove. Nice lesson still.

  17. Thanks Marty. I've been playing guitar for some time as a hobby, and wanted to learn how to play some Reggae. Your lessons are awesome, and scratchin' is a different beast for sure!

  18. I love this, especially the wah soloing

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