Bob Marley. Jamming. – Reggae Guitar Lesson

Bob Marley. Jamming. - Reggae Guitar Lesson

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  1. Lookout4the3rdrail

    Saw my man here JAMMING, and saw the dislikes, I'm like WTF..


  2. Nice lesson brotha

  3. Wout Tengrootenhuysen

    OOoh yeah, so smooth. Thank you ! 🙂

  4. Aurélien Cordonnier

    Thanks a lot marty !!

  5. yeah grat! but where's the solo?? please make a video I got to learn it Marty! 🙂

  6. a good strat is indespensible ..miss mine..thanks for this simple yet great song progression..soloing over this is natural & limitless

  7. Paul Crooks Crooks

    Thanks Marty. Book was taking E9

  8. You the man marty.

  9. VinĂ­cius de Andrade

    the strong is on the down pluck the up stroke is just to counter it.


    I like the way that you teach and play !!!!!!! bless for you bro from dominican republic

  11. I hear Bm7. Great lesson though!!

  12. Hey Marty plz post a tutorial of the beginning solo! It was so cool

  13. Thanks very much brother this is great

  14. Jonathan Stotts

    Thanks for the great video! Try an E9 instead of the E or E7. You can see Marley playing that in his live videos. x76777x

  15. MichaelRoyDestroy aka: Goldylocks

    Honestly one of the best teachers I have ever had. Nothing better than instant knowledge!… thanks mr Jamz!

  16. It's Pretty Angie

    SOOOOOOO helpful.  Thank You !

  17. Ibrahim gabriel

    that's awesome , thanks a lot .. would you list down the guitar sound effect setup you have just used in here!!

  18. I've got the same guitar lol

  19. ii didn't say what that other chord was. on 6 fret. a 7 ?

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