Bob Marley – No Woman No Cry – Easy Songs on Acoustic Guitar – Guitar Lessons

Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry - Easy Songs on Acoustic Guitar - Guitar Lessons click here to receive your free chord and scale book,


Man, what’s greater than playing some easy Bob Marley tunes on guitar? Always fun, Always a crowd pleaser! I appreciate the support and hope you get something from this lesson! thanks again.

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Bob Marley – No Woman No Cry – Easy Songs on Acoustic Guitar – Guitar Lessons by marty schwartz, easy acoustic songs on guitar tutorials
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  1. Гарри Петрофон


  2. this dude knows what to do, all respect man.

  3. watching your tutorials make me wanna buy a guitar like right now!!!! i know i have to look for local music store and buy a guitar. im planning to buy next year but i cant wait any longer. i know how to play a guitar i am a self taught actually i just have to further practice it. i left my guitar in the philippines it is already 15 years old! it is just hard to carry it around esp on plane so i left it. and now i have the need to get a guitar bec i feel so bored! and i want to upload more music cover that i played it myself rather than borrowing other's..
    bdw im here in taiwan and i dont know wheres the music store here. oh crap.

  4. i just freakin love the tune of this song! love love love!!!!!

  5. Ya mon, cool mon! Ire mon! I love it!

  6. I'm looking to Play the guitar what guitar should I get?

  7. Marty great lesson as always man, you've taught me so much. So thanks for that. For that 1st Riff is there any reason I cant just go strait to a C, move my fingers up to the top 2 strings and be in a better position to strum that first C chord after the riff ?

  8. bravo

  9. what. great teacher maybe you could give Mr x some lessons who thinks learning on u tube is cheating

  10. Dumb question, but does it matter what kind of F you use?

  11. Thank you so much

  12. Marty Schwartz saved my life. I was homeless and singing in the streets without an instrument for a long time until a fan of my work gave me a guitar. I have been writing my my own music since the age of 9, and I am better at it because of Marty Schwartz guitar lessons!! Because of your guitar lessons, I got on American IDOL, and I was featured on HUGE Billboards all over the USA. Today, I play shows for a living. I still sing in the streets from time to time, but it's hard for people to believe that it only took two weeks for me to learn how to play the guitar. To know who I am or listen to my music, please type "Write and Erase" Rocky Peter on youtube. Thanks for your kindness Marty!! It's awesome that you help people you don't even know. Thank you a million times for your lessons. God bless you. I will post this on more video of you until you see this message. Pls like this comment so that Marty can see it

  13. Like your hat

  14. The part of "Everything is gonna be alright" please?

  15. im sorry but what was the stroke pattern

  16. You look and sound exactly like logdotzip :)

  17. OMG! I LOVE YOU :DD You are the very best. Thank you for all!

  18. Dall' Italia(Napoli), anche se non comprendo bene la lingua, sei il migliore, le tue spiegazioni sono le più complete ed ho imparato i migliori brani solo grazie a te. Grazie fratello, se capiti dalle mie parti fammi sapere, sono a disposizione.

  19. this is gonna be my first song thank uuuuu bro.

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