Bob Seger – Still The Same Guitar Lesson (Intro, Guitar Chords, Strumming Pattern, and More)

This is Bob Seger Still The Same Guitar Lesson The EZ way and the
Correct way. This guitar lesson covers the guitar chords and strumming
pattern of still the same by bob seger. Please COMMENT and LIKE! Thanks
for watching
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  1. I'm new and cant catch the strumming patterns. the home riff differs from the intro in that theres extra strums after the Em and G, whats that pattern there? I've re-watched this more times than I can count and still cant get it.

  2. Thanks for a great video.

  3. Bob Greenhouse

    Dude u should have made the video longer and go slower to fast too many mistakes

  4. one part missing i think

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    The best of 4 version I know. Thanks bub, I play it at a bar off beltway 8 and Spencer highway in Pasadena, Tx

    Tis time to cut the hair. Anyone want to chime in???? She is longggg

  6. hollis pencheff


  7. Awesome I learned this is less than 15 minutes. Thanks for a great lesson

  8. Charlie Dynamite

    one of the greatest songs of all time, timeless.

  9. spacedoginnebraska

    Thanks, man!

  10. Great lesson, such a chill song.

  11. Great lesson. Thanks.

  12. Thanks brother. I subscribed i'll be looking for more.

  13. GodSlyer Gaming can you give me a link ofthe chords you use or just the chords

  14. Well done – thanks for posting this !

  15. so what about the chorus?

  16. Great sounding guitar, what guitar is this?

  17. Nice Job! I play this on my gigs fb/JohnKayeOfficialPage

  18. Paulo S. Oliveira

    one of the best guitar lessons on youtube.

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