Bob Seger – Turn The Page – Guitar Lesson – How to Play Super Easy Beginner Chords – Acoustic Songs

Strumming Lesson
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  1. prankcalling 4 LOL

    How about "come to papa"

  2. christopher rosetti

    thank for all the lessons you have put on here it took me years to finally get the will and started watching you and decided to learn music

  3. Joder, este tío es Antonio Ozores

  4. hey Marty, great lesson, u are the man.

  5. Can you learn and give a lesson on bully joel honestly. Without a capo …… Please

  6. When ever I press down on my frets on a electric the strings rattle is it me or the guitar?

  7. Nice. I like Bob Seger's music. Looking forward to your return. I've been practicing, so I'm ready for more guitar lessons from the best guitar teacher out there! : )

  8. Jackie Schultz

    Marty, could you do a video on If I laugh by Cat Stevens?

  9. jimmyonthecorner

    I'm always bummed out if I don't find Marty, I trust him, his lessons on here are so much more up and personal, it feels like he's only giving me the lessons, his personality works for me, he seems like a friend and very approachable

  10. when he actually does remind u of Jack Black xD

  11. 2livelovelaughalot

    Thank you!

  12. love your lessons, helps me out sooo much!! Thank You!!

  13. fuckin Marty you always pull through, since I was a much younger lad

  14. James ranaldi jr

    d to d d d…a to a to a ….thats too cool….your the greatest!!!!!

  15. Gre;at job Marty! Thanks for this one!

  16. Hey Marty
    Ive been learning from you about two years now.
    You are a gifted teacher …………thank you

  17. nice Taylor Marty! which one is it?

  18. I am a frustrated armature,but your videos make if fun to play my acoustic guitar.You have a good teaching style.Thanks

  19. Easy?

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