Body And Soul – Chord Melody and Improvisation – Jazz Guitar Lesson

Body and Soul: Chord Melody and Improvisation – Jazz Guitar Lesson

Jazz guitar chord melody demonstrated section by section, then some improvisation.

See the links (below) for the pdf (with TABS) and complete arrangement (all for free).

Note that each chord melody on has

-the leadsheet (chord symbols + melody),
-the chord melody arrangement (played in the video here)
-a basic chord chart (basic guitar shapes for you to use.)

Not just the chord melody for Body and Soul, but *each* tune has the above features. 🙂

See this page for the PDF and chords for comping on Body and Soul:

Body and Soul

Also see the website:

Home Page – Jazz Guitar

And the Youtube Channel for
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  1. Wow! Such a great song, one of the best ever written, no doubt. I appreciate the lesson and I just subscribed! ~Cheers!

  2. How do you just play the chords along with the Coleman Hawkins version?

  3. Merci bcp

  4. "Hello, watch me stare into the camera as I try to express how much you should be fascinated by my playing. I am terribly fascinated by my own playing and you should be too."

  5. Great arrangement of a great tune, thank you..

  6. It's a pity this tune has been reduced to a "Oberlin" -Berkeley, etc  audition piece.  It's better than that and ironically over-rated at the same time.  NO single one piece should carry this much weight!  

    Yeah, my college music prof drilled Hawk's 1939 Commodore side into our heads until we went blind.  It was 25 years before I could honestly enjoy it again without his commentary running through my skull!   (I am more a Hawk cat than a Prez cat, but I love them both). 

    There are a lot of ways to play this, and the sheet music to this one is OK, but some of the chords are not to my liking and some are missing.  Also, I am a BIG NON-fan of "TAB".  TAB is BAD habit.  If you have any idea to develop higher chops, stay away from TAB and lean the DOTS & STAFF. 

    It's a drag that there is so little proper written guitar music (treble staff with chords).  Most of it is written for piano and has guitar CHORD CHARTS added -bad scene!   Like, man, write it all on the staff for guitar!  

    I'd love to have guitar music written on the staff including chords. 

    BTW:  The video is nice, but you can do much the same work  and not move around quite as much.

  7. great, grand, my gratitude

  8. Alberto González Cerrejón

    Awesome, nice lesson!

  9. i love your orgasmic faces you do when you play, kind of hot, hehe you're great !

  10. jazz guitar lessons

    Thanks! (-:

  11. Excellent!!!

  12. oh this is cool!!! i have to learn this for my oberlin jazz audition 

  13. jazz guitar lessons

    Thanks. (-:

  14. oh dear god. I've always loved this song since my grandpa had been playing in on his keyboard, but this version literally left me breathless

  15. heavenly music 

  16. jazz guitar lessons

    @oagufirock Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

  17. really awesome

  18. jazz guitar lessons

    @armaniguitar Thank you for watching!

  19. Thanks for teaching!! Very inspiring lesson… THANKS!!

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