Bohemian Rhapsody Guitar Lesson – Queen – Chords/Riffs

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Well I guess if I want to tackle all of the greatest songs ever written I certainly can’t skip Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. 🙂

In this Bohemian Rhapsody guitar lesson I will teach you how to play all of Brian May’s iconic guitar parts to this classic song note-for-note.

In the first video I will show you Brian May’s guitar solo and in the second video lesson I will show you all the big arena rock riffs and solos that come after the 4:00 mark of the song.

Brian May composed one of the most melodic and memorable solos in classic rock history for Bohemian Rhapsody. The song is so epic in itself that I am sure he was thinking that nothing but the best would do, and he certainly delivered.

Technically, this Bohemian Rhapsody guitar lesson does present a few challenges to us guitarists.

First off, there are some tricky pre-bends in there that are essential to the correct phrasing of the solo.

In addition to that there are a couple fast runs to deal with. Now if you follow along with the video lesson you will see that the fast runs are simply the same patterns repeated so they shouldn’t take to long to grasp.

But those pre-bends will definitely need some special attention in order to do them right.

Brian May is one of the few guitarist to come along that has an instantly recognizable sound and style. His solo for Bohemian Rhapsody is considered by many to be his greatest work.

Therefore, it is essential for virtually every guitarist to take a little time studying this masterpiece. There are many things to learn no matter what style of guitar playing you prefer.

In the second video we will tackle the big rock section which includes some cool riffs, awesome fills and a killer guitar solo. Bohemian Rhapsody truly does contain everything a music lover could want and then some, so hopefully this lesson will do it enough justice so that you can play it quickly as well.

Now Scaramusch!! Actually, I have no idea what that means…



  1. confirmed, brian may is not of this planet,master class.

  2. O that is brilliant you are outstanding….I am trying to learn that link in the middle, I have a Telly but I love your Strad and the ebony fingerboard is to die for…..

  3. Lion El Jonson

    I know the main melody, solo and outro. The only thing stopping me from learning the whole song are those pesky scale runs.

  4. Cameron Harper

    having had no electric guitar lessons in my life, and learning it on my classical guitar (coz my dad is a tight arse) isn't ideal for learning electric guitar… but you have made it so much easier for me and now I can actually play bohemian rhapsody quite well (except for the bends and the really high stuff of course)! thanks!
    Dad said I might be able to get a little cort or squire or something to start off with!! yay finally after years!!! and our neighbour has an old vox that he never uses anymore… fingers crossed!!

  5. Excellent lesson Carl! I always play the “sequence” on the other fret but with your video helped a lot. Thanks man!

  6. Great lessons Carl!

  7. Winterland Grateful Dead Tribute

    Great tutorial, thank you!

  8. Does anyone know the settings for queen on your amp? I've got the riff just the settings are way off from queen!

  9. Dang if you ever see this u should do I want to break free

  10. Great lesson, very helpful. My only suggestion is adding an on-screen tab might improve the site.

  11. nice tone

  12. You rock

  13. Yunamarie Yoona

    thanks for this vid sir! =)

  14. Thanks! Great tutorial.

  15. Brian May predicted 9/11 !!! Illuminati confirmed

  16. I want to break free

  17. Markage Awesome1251

    Can u play this on acoustic?

  18. Thank you! learned this beautyful song with you ) It was my dream

  19. Hey Carl, Great lesson! Any chance you would do a video on Queen's I want it all? I just can't nail that intro solo down!

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