Bohemian Rhapsody – The Operatic Section – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Learn all the chords and notes for the operatic section of Bohemian Rhapsody on acoustic guitar. Ideal for those who want to add this great song to their acoustic setlists

Part 1 available here –
Part 3 available here –

If you are looking for guitar lessons in Munich or online video lessons please get in touch with Ryan via his facebook page here



  1. Gab Beausejour

    Great video I will be playing this tonight at my gig

  2. The Behr Sisters Band

    Thank you very much. Great videos
    It would be great to see you go a little bit more in depth with the chords though

  3. I wish I could play the guitar like that… But I had to choose between singing classes and guitar classes…. :(( AND, I'm left handed. All I've learnt were the basic chords. A, B, C, G, D, Am, Bm, E….Anyway I love this and you're so good at explaining it. I only got the Bass line for Galileo xD.

  4. Thank you so much. Know i'm waiting for the last part since, like, forever.

  5. That was excellent, very good!!

  6. Deo Putra Yuniarto

    Thumbs up..

  7. This was amazing. Thank you.

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