Bon Jovi – You Give Love a Bad Name – Easy Rock Guitar Lesson – How to Play Electric Guitar Songs

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Bon Jovi – You Give Love a Bad Name – Easy Rock Guitar Lesson – How to Play Electric Guitar Songs


  1. Thanks for that video now with a little more practice, I can play this this song.

  2. u could become a new guitarist for bon jovi

  3. guitar jamz

  4. marty thank you

  5. hey marty i want to get an amp good for rock songs what would you recommend?


  7. Marty as always you nailed it,great video and now i nailed it…..That makes me a happy boy!!!! Thanks Brother….:)

  8. I love playing along with my guitar! Until he says normal speed… then I'm screwed xD

  9. it is cool man, continue

  10. I'm here for the food

    Really appreciate you taking the time to make these videos. Already learned "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and "Talk Dirty to Me" from you, and now I'm learning this. You earned my likes and a subscriber!

  11. Hi man is this just standard tuning or is it down half a step ???

  12. Hey marty what kind of amp are you using?

  13. +Marty Schwartz superb lessons would real love a guitar lesson of In These Arms by Bon Jovi plzz

  14. Hey, I know it's already 2015 but I am learning how to play electric guitar. I already play acoustic guitar so I know chords and that kind of stuff. I play with a Squier Affinity Strat guitar & a Fender Frontman 10G amp. What are the best AMP settings I can use for this song? and other songs like Bed of Roses & from Guns & Roses – Sweet child 'o mine? On my guitar I have 2 tone buttons and on my Fender Frontman 10G I have Gain, Volume, Treble & Base settings and also a button to switch fron clean to O.D.

    I hope you guys could help.

  15. Thanks Marty great video

  16. tus clases son geniales, excelente!!

  17. Hey Marty! What kinda guitar are you using for this song? And what setting? Because I noticed your distortion change in the beginning.

  18. thank you so match i looked on youtube for thome thing fun and easy to play like this for weeks can you please uploud more things like that but more blues i will be very thankful

  19. Thanks Marty! Watched many of you acoustic tutorials and now I feel confident to move to electric, went with the Les Paul 100. This will be the first thing I'll learn!

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