Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf – Guitar Lesson

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful support! Also FREE courses at my site

  2. Great lesson Marty, like always! How about Kids Wanna Rock by Bryan Adams?

  3. The “Born to be wild” part always reminds me of a “The Who” song.

  4. Λαμπης Ζαμαθρακης

    can you pls show how to play the unforgiven by mettalica?

  5. McFarland Geoffroy

    My paperjamz played this song when I was a kid. It was a shark one

  6. FactorialCoin21 1

    Please do Hendrix’s “My friend” !!! I need to learn it

  7. I looked at the clock and it's almost time for another Dead lesson.

  8. Can you please do fell in love with a girl by white stripes


    Looks like Hapshash and Coloured Coat used "Heavy Metal" in an album title in 1967, a year before "Born to be Wild".

    ETA: Looks like Steppenwolf did first use "Heavy Metal" in a song lyric.

  10. Hey, Marty! I love yoru videos! Please can you make guotar lesson vidoe for Depeche mode Useless song, i love that guitar line in that song.

  11. This lesson helped me seduce my friend’s family endocrinologist, thanks again Marty!

  12. The Duck on Quack

    if you close your eyes, he almost sounds like Jonah Hill

  13. The cold wind- Greta van fleet

  14. That SG looks bad-asss

  15. Marty to be awesome at guitar.

  16. Could we get some Van Halen? This channel seems a little bare without it , still good stuff Marty

  17. Hey Marty, could you please teach us cortez the killer by Neil Young?

  18. Great videos Marty! Can you do “every breath you take”?

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