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Simple guitar lesson/tutorial on how to play “Electric Love” from Borns. This is the acoustic version featuring Zella Day. I’ve included tabs, rhythms, and chords. Remember to like/subscribe and have fun with this song!


Free Chord Chart: “Best Beginner Chords”

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To learn “East of Eden” from Zella Day click here:

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  1. Nice video great job man!

  2. Thank you for the great video! <3

  3. This video needs more likes

  4. Hey patrick, kinda confused with the order of playing
    Correct me please if im wrong. (Lets ignore the lick for now)
    You have:

    1)Riff 1 (Play it twice)
    2) Verse (Play it twice)
    3) Bridge (Once)
    4) 1st part of chorus (play twice)
    5) 2nd part of chorus (once)
    6) interlude

    Is that order correct? When do we start over as you mentioned?

  5. patrick can u make a easy tutorial of shadow preachears or east of eden ? maybe jerome ? rsrs thx

  6. Solid lesson, sounds just like the song but with an acoustic. I didn't quite get the band's name that does the cover you're referring to?

  7. Patrick Teaches the World

    Hi guys,  if anyone does a cover of this, remember to share it with me, I'd love to hear it!

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