BRANTLEY GILBERT – BOTTOMS UP -Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross – How to Play

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Mike Gross


  1. can you please do Cole Swindell you should be here on electric guitar please?????????????? I would really really appreciate it thank you

  2. Can you do the solo please? Thanks for all your awesome lessons homie

  3. Mike you should do some more five fingure death punch hellyeah and mudvayne videos love those bands i would pay for your private lessons but i dont have computer just yet and moneys alittle tight but i would like some provate lessons man but love what your doing on you tube

  4. Brantley Gilbert ripped this song off from these guys right down to the solo.  Check it out,  
    Written two years before BG came out with his version.  Coincidence?

  5. Can u do when I'm gone by 3doors down

  6. Definitely do some ffdp but if I had to pick which song, it would have to be cradle to the grave

  7. Can you do "No One Gets Left Behind" by Five Finger Death Punch and some King Diamand m/

  8. Hey mike you should do a to end the rapture by avenged sevenfold tutorial

  9. Do wrong side of heaven by ffdp and my sacrifice by creed


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