BREATHE – Pink Floyd (Acoustic Guitar Lesson)

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  1. Good stuff! Thanks. I can only imagine how long it took to put this video together with all the cords!

  2. Luis Fernandez

    definitely this is the best way to teach a song is playing, the others speak much and do little, greetings and so continues brother.

  3. Juan Camilo Sánchez Arcila

    At 0:50 isn't it in 4th fret? Like


    e -|—|—|—|—|
    B -|—|—|-x-|—|
    G -|—|-x-|—|—|
    D -|-x-|—|—|—|
    A -|—|-x-|—|—|
     E -|—|—|—|—|

    I the figure appeared in the 3rd fret.


  4. excellent….love the chord displays…….thanks!!!

  5. Excellent tutorial for beginners and more experienced players who want to learn this tune – easy to pause and try again until you get it, and something I can play well (after practice)  🙂

  6. - Alexia Neal -

    Liked it Victor, and also learned a new way of playing the chords, as i am left-handed. Thank you, howard, UK

  7. Thanks for putting that up. Got a few good tips from it. 

  8. Kevin Alarcón

    Muy buen trabajo amigo,gracias por el tutorial.

  9. lool

  10. DavidFranklin Music

    The Em is played with the D string on the 4th fret, not in standard position – a common Floyd technique – also used on Welcome to the Machine and others…

  11. Carlos Martinez

    wooow excelente manera Victor. la manera con los acordes es de lo mejor que q he visto en You Tube…gracias

  12. Mauricio Zampini


  13. Pier Luigi Asproni

    Apparently everybody is playing this bloody song wrong, and it's been out 40 years already… Ok, instead of Em, try Em7 with low D played on 5th string 4th fret and B string open. You'll love that better. And it's not A7 but A and A4. Bye!

  14. Rishabh Srivastava

    more floyd please…

  15. the em way sounds a little a better throughout the song , i like to mix in that one. sounds almost the same.

  16. thanks, man!

  17. Parham Pourbozorgi

    Brilliant, but could the tab be written as well?

  18. thanks fr the chrds

  19. CAMEL TOE… Hahaha.

  20. ha! Genious.

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