Bridge Over Troubled Water – acoustic cover-easy chords guitar lesson-on-screen chords and lyrics

My acoustic version of Bridge Over Troubled Water. I have my capo on the third fret – making the sounding key Bb major. For a similar but slower For another version, for the lower voice, with my capo on the second fret – making the sounding key A major:
Strumming pattern (all downstrokes):
1 2 3 4
V V vv V
where count 2 is slower than counts 1 + 4. Count 3 is two fast, more top end, downstrokes. I tend to put more power on count one. This is the basic pattern but there are small variations throughout the song. I hope this helps.
Paul Simon wrote the song in the summer of 1969. It is the title song of Simon and Garfunkel’s album of the same name. The single was released in January 1970 and was a huge hit around the world, as was the album. Many singers have recorded and had success with this song.
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  1. Nice reverb in that room!

  2. Thanks Bob. I found your video very useful.

  3. Lao He - 老何

    So good. Love it. Wish I can play and sign like you!

  4. OMG!!!!! Bravo!!!! You are a great artist!!!! Congratulations!!!

  5. bravo ..semplice ed armonioso accompagnamento…

  6. #212 thumbs up! Music is the food!

  7. good job Bob, I got a question, when singing over CMajor chord, are we allowed to sing in only notes C, E, G, or we can sing in other notes too? is there any specific rule to emphasis on any specific note or notes? please please please help me clearing my doubt, I'm totally newbie,

  8. Love this vid! Can you take the chance to watch our acoustic rendition of Love Yourself. Hope you will like it!

  9. Dexter James Mecares

    What's the strumming sir?

  10. Fernando Pescia

    Simple and clever, very useful .Thanks a lot, Sir

  11. I love this version! I am continuously replaying this video so I can learn how to play it. Thanks for this tutorial!

  12. Wonderful!

  13. Christopher Hagan

    Top Quality Bob!!! Do you have a printable copy of the chords over the lyrics? If not then I'd be glad to make one and send to you if you would like it? 🙂

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  18. Over troubled watered water I love u kiss kiss

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