Brothers In Arms Acoustic Guitar Lesson (Dire Straits Cover)

Brothers In Arms Acoustic Guitar Lesson (Dire Straits Cover)

In diesem Video geht es um die Akustikversion von Brothers in arms


  1. Like other comments Excellent cover but this is no lesson you need to look up the definition of what a lesson means and what it consists of. 10/10 for cover 0/10 for lesson enough said.

  2. Great cover but an awful lesson.

  3. stunning cover dude, very good job

  4. This isnt a lesson, learn yourself english

  5. Outstanding job bro! Thumbs up!~~John

  6. well done johnny cash

  7. Elvis Presley voice…….

  8. wow..great..

  9. christian andersen

    Can you make a step by step Lesson i really wish to lean to play the song but i have no idea how you strum on the guitar ect.
    Please do make a step by step Lesson

  10. How is this a guitar lesson?

  11. keine schöne lesson schade

  12. Very nice. Impressive. 10*

  13. Dominic Gonsalvez

    wonderful i like this

  14. can i get tabs..?

  15. So good, very impressive!

  16. Maks Caterpillar



    You sounds great. Your voice, expression and guitar skills looks like mix of Knopfler and Johnny Cash =)

  18. IdieandtheMirrors M.


  19. wunderschöne gitarre. danke!

  20. Yes that's me..Thx

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