Brown Eyed Girl Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da! Okay enough singing, let’s learn this super easy Van Morrison song that will make you the king of the campfire, quad, or party! Follow my easy to learn techniques and lessons to strum the acoustic guitar in style.

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  1. Hey, Marty! Thanks for your great teaching. Would you please do a lesson on I'd Rather Go Blind as performed by Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa?

  2. Who in the hell gives Marty Schwartz thumbs down? Guitar teachers that are jealous?

  3. Sha la la la la la la la la la latida!

  4. Sylvia Schneiderman

    Hey…just always pick you out of anyone for how to play songs on the guitar. I just want to learn so bad and practice almost daily-you make it seem easy. You’re an excellent teacher and I admire your enthusiasm and confidence. It’s contagious.

  5. YouTube is hard to learn guitar through D;

  6. Gdgcgdgc

  7. You could have 70 guitars and no woman would swoon for you. Thanks for the lesson

  8. I wanna learn jerry reeds Amos Moses been learning from you for years keep it up

  9. 1:39 Fine keep your secrets

  10. I can never thank you enough Marty, for bringing me too the level I am in the guitar

  11. I can never thank you enough Marty, for bringing me too the level I am in the guitar

  12. Andreas Kaineder

    Hey Marty, first of all: thanks a lot for your awesome videos!! I love Van Morrison and would like to learn 'Sweet thing'. Do you think you could make a video how to play it? There are some videos online but no one does it as well as you do! Would be great, thanks a lot!

  13. Kristofer Kalinauskas

    I would like to learn entersandman

  14. AWFUL Guitar Lessons

    Hey Marty, does this male your ears bleed? My fingers are too short and fat to play real chords so I use power chords.

  15. Royal Academy of Dance Thailand

    Love you Marty!!

  16. American Remains by the highwaymen

  17. Honestly this dude is fucking god he’s taught me like half the shit I know on guitar

  18. Balledor Master Piece

    Can you do a video on how you tune your guitar thanks mate.

  19. I don't think that lick is correct.

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