Brown Eyed Girl Tab | Full Step-By-Step Guitar Lesson 🎸

Brown Eyed Girl Tab: In this free guitar lesson, you learn how to play in the style of Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” using tablature that you can download at the instructor’s website. The tab PDF notates all the techniques used in the song including third and sixth intervals on guitar as well as fragmented chord shapes and chord inversions drawn from the CAGED system. Guitarist Desi Serna walks you through the music notation step by step and demonstrates how to play all the necessary techniques involved including arpeggiation and hybrid picking. This guitar instruction is recommended for intermediate level players on up. Download the free guitar tab PDF and a play-along backing track at the link below.


Lesson segment time points:
Play Thru 00:00
Introduction 1:12
Verse Measures 5-12 15:53
Verse Measures 13-20 27:50
Verse Measures 21-28 33:54
Verse Measures 29-30 48:48
Verse Measures 31-33 50:55
Guitar music theory 55:40

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO. I'm learning for guitar lessons…I'm gonna look awesome when I play the intro for my teacher!!! Lol. Sometimes it's the little things in life. I'm enjoying learning so much. I just love it!!!!

  2. Well done! Very well done

  3. About the 6th intervals… couldn't you just mute the second string instead of hybrid picking?

  4. Hi Desi,

    Thank you for sharing this great lesson. I’m an old guy who remembers when this song was first released. I always loved it, and now thanks to you – I can actually play it (well -almost) and understand why it sounds so good. I really appreciate the theory you provided. I think this lesson is perfect. Your guitar playing is so fantastic! Wow!! Thank again.




  6. Absolutly Amazing! As an avid follower, fan and client; this is as good as it gets for a free tutorial. For anyone that has purchased his Fretboard theory course this truly brings everything together. Not only is the content precise, it incorportaes using 6th, 3rds, arpeggios, multiple voicings of the chord progression and then as an added bonus how to add creative licencure of your own to mix it up like the original artist. As an added testimonial from a guitar hobbyist that has gone through his books and videos, I had this thing down in one pass with an understanding of everything that was going on in the background and at the same time never feeling overwhelmed. Thank you Desi and please more like this!!!!!

  7. PS: I don't mind the theory stuff at all. I'm not a theory guy, I'm an ear guy but I wish I had learned all of that before all of the distractions come into my life, LOL. And you know if you can muster up some patience it actually helps a lame ear guy like me to hear the technical stuff. I think it's Brilliant and keep up the fine fine work! I have seen a thousand bands play this song through many long years of going to clubs and pubs. Not putting anyone down but I can say honestly 99% of the players I have seen, fake their way through this song. If you want to play it authentically once again this is the video and teacher.

  8. The easy strumming chord lessons on YouTube are fine and will get you through the gig. But if you want to know how to play this song the 'right way" on guitar this is the video you need to watch. Thank so much Desi for saving my hours of time!

  9. Just want to thank Desi for his lessons. Your guitar theory approach is clear and logical and demystifies much of what self-taught players get lost in; it has improved my playing by leaps and bounds.

  10. Your'e a fantastic teacher. Please do not stop explaining the theory behind the music. There are enough other teachers for monkeys. Thank you very, very much for taking the time and effort.

  11. For what everyone thinks is a simple song it is surprisingly tricky. You explained it really well and the theory was a nice bonus!!

  12. Thank you, the song is just not the same without these fills. The breaks help take it four measures at a time. Thanks for the best parts of this great song!

  13. Thank you!!

  14. I give up with you buddy,,,,,,,,,yak yak yak

  15. Too much talking, just show us what to do!!

  16. Who are the 16 morons that thumbs down this?! A great lesson! Thank you!

  17. Fernando Contreras

    Excellent job! People like you help people like me to improve! Thanks

  18. awesome lesson , I'll be checking out your lessons thanks

  19. Thanks for the great breakdown on the leads. This helped me a lot working with the 6ths and 3rds

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