Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison) Super Easy Song Guitar Lesson on Acoustic Guitar

Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison) Super Easy Song Guitar Lesson on Acoustic Guitar


Chords + help here
Here’s how to play Brown Eyed Girl with for easy guitar!

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Sweet Child O Mine
Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash

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  1. bruh… did you just spend 17 minutes teaching a four chord song and didn't even teach the intro?

  2. i can play so meney songs thanx to andy

  3. Hi Andy, I have a Yamaha with no cut out like yours. I really struggle to play the intro? also the where can i find the picking part around the G major scale that you played?

  4. Nice Lesson! Great beginner song for people like me.. Thanks!

  5. Pity no intro, really like these lessons.

  6. Procras10eighter 1992

    This way certainly works, but isn't exactly how this song is played. I learned this a few years ago and thruout the verse, there is alot of lead work which is variants of the intro riff.

  7. intro is hi e string third fret, 5th fret, 7th fret, 5th fret, 3rd fret. 8th fret, 10th fret, 12th fret. 3rd fret, 5th fret, 7th fret, 5th fret, 3rd fret 5th fret, 2nd fret, 3rd fret, 5th fret. play that 2x the second play thru add 2nd fret then into the verses

  8. Your awesome Andy, your videos have helped me tremendously.

  9. FangzTheGreaser Durazo

    easy my ass

  10. what about the intro???? why teach only part of a song. i hate that

  11. Thanks so much for making these videos. I have watched a lot of online instruction and you, by far, make it the easiest.

  12. born in1956, became musically alive in mid-late 60's. Saw most every band in concert, grew up in Boston. Went to see Van Morrison, who at the time was my favorite. Wavelength tour (?1979). I had the flu (really) and ended up getting sick in a McDonald's bathroom next to the small venue we were going to see him at. So I never got to see him. He was always one of my favorites – so thank you for teaching me "brown eyed girl". It's my first learned song.

  13. Great work here…thank you!

  14. Excellent tutorial nicely broken up for ease of beginners, Thanks dude.

  15. is the video for the intro coming?

  16. Thanks so much for the tutorial Andy! I'm getting more confident on playing guitar now. Appreicated!

  17. Dude your awesome

  18. Can you please post a chord sheet to this, like you do with your other songs, so its easier to sing to it?

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