Buddy Holly – Peggy Sue – Electric Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross

This is a guitar lesson on how to play “Peggy Sue” by “Buddy Holly” taught & instructed by professional guitar instructor Mike Gross from rockinguitarlessons.com and youtube.com/rockinguitarlessons1…I am available for studio session work and touring…twitter.com/rockinguitarles-facebook.com/mikegtrgross-myspace.com/thev­­­­­­­­elmafixtribute-rockinguitarlessons@hotmail.com.. Feel free to subscribe to my channel.Be sure to watch for my official website coming in july of 2012 and become a “Premium Member” at a very affordable price…Thanks,MG
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  1. Best guitar lesson on youtube! Thank you mate!

    Greets from Germany

  2. THANK YOU for teaching me how to play Peggy Sue with a bit more EDGE than all the other YouTube instructors on here!

  3. Omfg ur such a bad teacher.
    Could u make it anymore confusing?

  4. I know you mentioned Roctron Xpression,but is there a less expensive pedal? And what is vertical vibrato is my question,with a little more clarity.

  5. Your getting that great ringing Buddy Holly sound.I am not familiar with what you called vertical vibe at 0:58.Is there a pedal that does that reasonably good?I have all single coil strat and have been trying a long time to get that sound.The guitar solo on Not Fade Away really rings out too.

  6. nope.who said that?

  7. Your charging money for people learning your videos ??

  8. Alllllllll Right!!! Finally getting back to the classics!! Linda 2. I knew it was an old broad!!! (no offence mom!!! We made it and that is all that matters – you have a gifted, talented and generous son, no doubt because he is lucky enough to be Your Son! Your pride and joy, the love of your life, and someone you always want to keep close to you. You have to, if he ever pays you back for all the bucks he shucked you for over the years you can buy that new Mansion you have always wanted!! darag

  9. i believe so mark.luv that guitar

  10. Oldie but Goodie
    Mike it that an Ibanez RG 550?

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