Building Melodic Patterns – How To Play Guitar – Stage 3 Guitar Lesson [IM-136]

In this guitar lesson we look at developing melodic patterns, and import part of developing your improvising skillset, by helping your fingers “muscle memory” to do cooler stuff than just play scales up and down.

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  2. Ay man thanks for this easy to learn and you're very straight forward. I definitely wanna watch more

  3. Music is not meant to be patterns and repetitive tone progression. It should be unpredictable but fluent. thats why some people can't pick up this information rather just play the best they can with whatever few chords pairing tones they know of. 

  4. ireally havenoname

    justin i feel like at this point we should have learned more then just 2 scales…. tips advice at this point? i'm getting bored

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  16. Christian Carbajosa

    that's the craziest practice for me personally so far lol. so many f bombs this lesson…

    thanks justin

  17. thanx :p

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