Bulleya (Ae Dil hai mushkil ) guitar lesson | fingerstyle intro and intro solo | Tamsguitar

Bulleya (Ae Dil hai mushkil ) guitar lesson | fingerstyle intro and intro solo | Tamsguitar

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Easy songs:


2 secret bollywood chord progressions:https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=Q1bJPhvQY_U
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  1. awsome thank you

  2. Please tell the chords used in the original like pritam all jazz system

  3. Hi Sir… Could you please tell me Which have more value ABRSM or Trinity?

  4. what processor are you using?

  5. why dnt u make lesson on purple Haze

  6. best

  7. please upload the rhythm section

  8. Guitar and Music Institute

    Pretty sure we featured you on our website…nice one.

  9. loved ur guitar which one it is ?

  10. Thank you.

  11. yep this intro is similar to last resort
    and a bit anastatia by slash

  12. This one is the actual easy procedure/ idea. Other tutorials of this song uses the 5th position Dm scale. I also made out the same pattern, Which is quietly difficult. But they posting as the easiest.

  13. good lessons bro

  14. nice tutorial best on YouTube

  15. Could you please share d solo of bheegi bheegi song from gangster

  16. Which guitar he is using

  17. can u plz tell that what should I set up in my amplifier to get the music of lead of bulleya I m having amplifier of fender champion 20 plz telll

  18. Vijay Honeystar

    Thanks for the tutorial man. Peace ✌

  19. please make a video on caged system

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