Buried Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Check out the music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTSzrJ5Smrc

Running through a tutorial on the song ‘Buried’ by me. Rocking the Breedlove Passport with the capo on the 3rd fret. Maybe we’ll all learn a thing or two!

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  1. Hey Sean! Is it cool if I do a cover of this song on my channel?

  2. where can i purchase this song? i love it and would love to cover it!

  3. Do you listen to any country music? Love to get your opinion on Sturgill Simpson

  4. Im going to learn this song,its a nice song

  5. Great work! I've really enjoyed finding your channel, you seem to explain things in a particularly resonant way for me. Do you give private leasons?!

  6. The way you put that Dm7 in there sounds amazing. All the chords in the chorus sound great

  7. How dose this have 200 views within 5 hours
    Where were you notification squad

  8. Gracias!

  9. Did you record the song with the Breedlove or you only used it for the video? Great tutorial, perfect to practice finger picking. Cheers bud.

  10. Awesome, favorite lesson yet

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