Burning House – Cam – Guitar Lesson And Tutorial – Fingerpicking and Easy Version

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This is a preview of our guitar lesson on how to play Burning House by Cam. For the full lesson teaching the fingerpicking part and an easy alternate version go to sixstringcountry.com.

Buy the tabs at https://www.musicnotes.com/sheetmusic/mtd.asp?ppn=MN0200680
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  1. great job man

  2. perfectly done:)

  3. Wheres the full version u stopped mid song!!

  4. Thank you for playing it through first so the advanced player can pick it up. Great tune and well done!

  5. isn`t the lesson longer on sixstringcountry? just signd upp just for this song, and i can`t find it

  6. Six String Country, could you do guitar tutorial for "came here to forget" by Blake Shelton Thanks

  7. Hello, I was wonfering if I could make a request video. any chance you would make a video on how to play "give into me" by Garret Hedlund, the finger picking version? http://www.sixstringcountry.com/lessons/burning-house.1747979?w=2076

  8. Thank you so much for teaching us this beautiful song. Nice and easy to play, you made my day :))))

  9. Thank you so much for this, having the Strum version will really help me be able to play the song whil I learn the fingerpicking version. it is a beautiful song. I appreciate your patient teaching style.

  10. how do u do the arpeggio that's the only part I don't get.

  11. Could u finish teaching the finger picking version

  12. Awesome! Well done. Could you possibly do "Cowboy like me" by Cody Johnson?

  13. Elise Katrine Jane

    Yeah ☺️ Thanks for this video

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