C Minor Jazz Blues – Easy Jazz Guitar Lesson by Achim Kohl

all the tabs and the backing track of this lesson:
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  1. Muy bueno el tutorial, me ha encantado la forma de usar los recursos.

  2. wow wow. how can i meet you and just cary you up. thank you is not enough. wow wow you aare the best and the best teacher. I had given up but let me start again

  3. dam i love your vids achim , you gotta be the best one of the best teachers on tube. thank you again

  4. Fantastic! Easy to understand…just watch his hands. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. minh cường vũ

    That's how a jazz master give you lessons. Thank you so much Achim Kohl

  6. silverdragon0000120

    Thanks for the lesson. I started playing guitar like a month ago and this helps. Although I don’t understand the music theory. Good tabs tho.

  7. Very clear, never annoying, it helps a lot, that's awesome thank you

  8. Wow I actually understand jazz now.

  9. This was great!

  10. Diagrams man diagrams!!!


  12. Heavy hitting teaching style, and no bull. nice…..

  13. Excelente didáctica!! Mi lengua es el español y se entendió perfectamente la clase, muy buena por cierto, muchas graciss!!!

  14. Hey Achim, I'm 61, have muddled along on guitar for 45 years. I've always said I'm a jazz wanna be. Life and whatever impeded playing, but I never really saw how to incorporate all I'd studied. (I got pretty deep into book 2 "Modern Method of Guitar" -Leavitt)

    You've just opened my eyes. Ahhh…that's why you use modes! And arpeggios. Yeah. I'm dense. But. I always get lost in the lesson somehow. Not yours. I'm working on this, Bb, and Sunny.

    I mean. I did the Leavitt pages of all the arpeggios in all the keys. Lol. Ok man. Now I got it.

    I wish good love and karma to you my friend and brother.

  15. hello from Venezuela you are excelent teachers, is very easy lear whit you congratulations

  16. My Man!

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