Cage The Elephant Ain't No Rest For The Wicked Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Ain’t no rest for all of you who want to learn this song on acoustic guitar! Today I’m bringing you a guitar lesson for Cage The Elephant’s song, Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked. Check it out!

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  1. Thank you very much for supporting MartyMusic! I also have FREE courses at my site

  2. Please do more sliding lessons. This is so incredible cool.
    I don't know if you're familiar with Brother Dege but his Blues is a whole new beautiful world in the guitar dimension.

  3. This lesson is BADASS

    Can you please do
    In one ear

  5. hey can you make a lesson were you show us how to play when we stand together by nickelback?

  6. Could you please do paradise city

  7. Bro make video on Sleeping child by mltr on guitar !!!!!!!!

  8. Marty I don't think you understand how long I've been waiting for you to do another Cage the elephant song, there my favorite band and it would be awesome if you did more

  9. Marty do sweet fa by peach pit

  10. Awesome..your lessons are just perfect., and from perfect i remember., would you be so kind to give lessons for song perfect by simple plan (acoustic guitar)?

  11. Good lord. This is one of the first song I learned on guitar, but these were all just open chords. It sounded right, though. But man, have I learned that I could get so much more out of a song. Dude, thank you so much.

  12. You can use my toaster.

    Hey Marty! Been playing off your vids, you made me what I am now. Been getting into country and stuff like that, but could you do the electric part to “Your man” by Josh Turner? I’ve been looking all over for a good tutorial, and when all else fails, I’ve learned to come to you!

  13. Can you do Shape of My Heart – Sting

  14. This song brings back memories of the scream of skags and Scooter yelling "CATCH A RIIIIIIDE"

  15. Hey marty you should do a tutorial on hey bulldog

  16. Could you do Touch Peel and Stand by Days of the New?

  17. Please do more of "The Strokes" Much love marty!

  18. song request: Garbage Truck-from the Scott Pilgrim v the World soundtrack

  19. it's a beautiful day, full of guitar learning opportunity

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