Cage The Elephant – Back Against The Wall Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Learn to play a fun song off one of Cage The Elephant’s older albums called Back Against The Wall


  1. A shee sharp

  2. It would have been nice if you would have re recorded this video because the whole 7th and 9th fret confusion is frustrating

  3. Devin Big-Powers

    that F# is on the 9th and 10th fret

  4. Stephen Mueller

    no solo?

  5. Awesome tutorial!

  6. jeffrey gonzalez

    I thought my right earphone stopped working but it was just the videos audio

  7. You think you can do a tutorial for Hypocrite, please?!

  8. Jordan Cochrane

    take it easy on the repitions haha, makes the video way longer. like kind of got the pattern aftern the first 2 chords.

  9. Another great lesson, thanks man!

  10. Your Cage The Elephant tutorials are the best ones out there keep them coming man

  11. I love cage the elephant! Thank you

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