Cage The Elephant – Cigarette Daydreams Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play a great acoustic guitar song by Cage The Elephant called Cigarette Daydreams. Guitar Tutorial.


  1. Great tutorial.

  2. Dou Dou Dou Dou:v in mexican is Dou Dou Dou Dou:v

  3. my left ear would like to hear as well

  4. my left ear loved that

  5. Amazing, thanks <3

  6. Thank you! This helped me so much.

  7. the last chorus is played with pulses

  8. Thank you

  9. Paula Rodríguez

    El mejor tutorial que he visto jamás!…♡

  10. WOW great teaching, you helped me so much

  11. Victoria Paganini


  12. Great tutorial for the chords and strum patterns. I think the tempo is a bit fast but the material is there.

  13. anthony gabriel carrera valenzuela

    The video is awesome I learn pretty fast, there's another song I really like called " right before my eyes " by Cage the Elephant could you please make a video teaching how to play it please. Thank you and good night

  14. Miroslav Klose

  15. Thanks alot this made learning alot simpler I was looking for an acoustic cage the elephant song and this was the perfect tutorial

  16. By far the best tutorial of this song! very thorough, I paused and wrote everything down. I am a huge fan of cage the elephant so I was very happy you decided to do this tutorial!

  17. Perfect tutorial man. Thanks !!

  18. Muito bom! Like!

  19. Gracias we .. son muy buenos tus tutos" 🙂

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