Cage The Elephant – Trouble Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Learn to play a new song called Trouble off the upcoming album from Cage The Elephant.

I love this song! I think the bridge lyrics are perfect – I’ve got so much to prove, I’ve got so much to lose, god don’t let me lose my mind!
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  1. I've been facing trouble almost all my C as well.

  2. Will Ferrell sings Trouble

  3. I Play it D A E G with the same strum

  4. best tutorial on guitar ive seen in awhile! great job

  5. Perfect!! Thank you so much

  6. Neil DeGreasse Tyson

    Great tutorial, thanks man!!

  7. can you do "how are you true " pleaseeeeeee

  8. can you do "how are you true " pleaseeeeeee

  9. can you do "how are you true " pleaseeeeeee

  10. Great tutorial, and excellent voice! Keep it up man

  11. The sound on this video is pretty quiet for some reason.

  12. i wonder if that was him making that high pitch hum in between lyrics?

  13. רוני זנזורי

    thank you❤

  14. Jennifer Hernandez

    perfect tutorial

  15. F chords just slaughter my self-esteem.

  16. Can you please explain to me where your fingers are for the E? And the Am please

  17. i dont know how to palm mute

  18. To be honest, it was so good that I would like to hear a cover on it

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