California Dreaming – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – FULL SONG – Drue James

Full song acoustic guitar lesson for California Dreaming by The Mamas And The Papas. Classical song that should be played in autumn (fall). Subscribe for 2 new acoustic lessons every week:

Lesson Start Times
2:00 – Intro (picked part)
6:15 – Verse, Chorus + Strumming
12:46 – Palm Muted Verse 2

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  1. thanks good tutorials keep it up drue!

  2. Can you maybe do Iron Maiden's "Blood brothers"?

  3. do a tutorial on when you love someone else – james tw

  4. Hi Drue, i should say, THAT 'S AMAZING. I really mean it! Could you make Duran Duran's The Chauffeur acoustic version, please?

  5. Could you do a finger style interpretation of Beat It(Michael Jackson)

  6. hey can I ask u to teach me how to play imagine dragon radio active or second chances from imagine dragons and if u could also teach me how to play ghost town by adam lambert much appreciated thank u

  7. Please make That's where you're wrong – Arctic Monkeys!

  8. Great tutorial Drue! It would be great if you teach us how to play Flaming Lips – Do you realize!

  9. by lady antebellum plss

  10. need you now by lady at

  11. Love it! I've got a great new song to study now 🙂
    You're my favorite tutor.

  12. can you please please make an fingerstyle lesson for pearl harbour theme

  13. i thought i dont want to learn this song – came here just to listen 😉 and now, i have to learn it, your arrangement seems to be really interestiung and sounds great – thumbs up

  14. Thank you very much for all your lessons!!!

  15. Thank you!

  16. Drue you rocked it!

  17. make a video on how to play dream a little dream of me

  18. Thank you ;)

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