Canned Heat – Going up the Country – Easy Songs on Acoustic Guitar – Guitar Lessons how to play

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  1. Nice – really liked the capo version with the add-ons.

  2. sounds nothing like the going up the country video with all the stoned people in it
    lol maybe i shouldnt compare while smoking the pot
    lmao peace

  3. Hey Marty. Great job, bro. Good videographer too. You are very thorough with the instruction. Kudos! If you get a chance, try pulling all your fingers off instead of just the one at the intro. (D position capo'd at the 8th fret as you said). It'll take you right to 1969 that big concert they had, that I can't remember the name of. lol Keep up the good work. I'll check your site out. I must be off…………….

  4. Rainbow Gaming.

    wow this took me minutes to learn, nice one!

  5. Why do all these vids start of with hey whats up you guys,?

  6. MiguelMValentine

    can you do Time was by canned heat?

  7. Very nice job, thank u for showing the non capo version as well, it a great song to learn for some learning 12 bar

  8. Tommi Pitkänen

    He-hey, Marty! This lesson really inspired me, made me buy a capo and play more, more, more! Keep making them lessons!

  9. Sounds like Jimmy from GTA V

  10. Kay-Po hehehe

  11. Thanks for this!

  12. thanks

  13. the flute makes the song

  14. Marty, You taught me a lot of songs, thanks buddy

  15. Hippy-fied ?? Lol

  16. Alex Bojic - Aguilar

    Matt Costa – Good Times?

  17. Thank you for that great lesson ! I loved your cover 🙂
    I was wondering can you teach us Exo-Politics by MUSE because I can't find any good lesson on youtube

  18. Reverend Hellbilly

    Another awesome lesson thanks Marty you're the best

  19. he didn't mean that

  20. You assholes obviously misconstrued my comment. I only said stop as a reaction to his aging process and what it will eventually lead to. Marty is my favorite fucking teacher on YouTube and I would in no way shape or form implore him to stop making these wonderful videos. now i have to reply this comment on every other ignorant assholes reply to my comment.

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