Canon Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Learn the acoustic guitar chords to pachelbels canon in D. This is a great way to start canon rock by playing some arpeggiated chords. The progression goes D A Bm F#m G D G A.
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  1. very good tutorial it sucks I cannot see you strumming

  2. OMG that sucks , can you play it on a guitar that's not fretting out for gods sake , it sounds bad and how about you teach all the parts to the song.

  3. thank you

  4. Thank you so much

  5. panget naman :(

  6. Amazing! Guitar Tutorial. Thanks..Bro

  7. great video

  8. thanks man

  9. hit the Like button Nice!

  10. great tutorial man! super simple, great alternative finger rolling, and not an hour long!

  11. kyle xy anyone…

  12. Thanks, very well demonstrated!

  13. DidItWrongGaming 720

    If anyone has the notes to this then can u PM then to me need the m for music and can't find a video.

  14. can you do part 2??

  15. pleas make tutorial

  16. very nice.  now i know this chords

  17. good good.

  18. Is it possible to do canon rock for acoustic

  19. Awesome 

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