Canon Rock Lesson: 1 / 10

Canon Rock Lesson 1 covers the intro and the rhythm chords only.

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The rest of the rhythm will be discussed in the next lesson, along with the next solo. I hope you enjoy this series. This is aimed towards beginners. If you are a beginner and wanting to learn Canon Rock, I was once in your shoes. I couldn’t play Canon Rock at all. At times, I almost gave up on this song. But don’t give up, it is hard song and needs patience and plenty of practice. I, myself, have not even mastered the song to sound like Funtwo or Mattrach, or any of the other amazing Canon Shredders.

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I recommend that you look at these lessons below on GuitarMasterClass. I am a member there and love it! Most of the ideas I got for this lesson series came from the first video, as did my other older lesson vids for Canon.

Canon Rock – Funtwo & Jerry C style

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Canon – Speedy Metal Arrangement

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  1. Thanks Brandon. Thanks for this lesson 1- end. I copied all ur videos and i uploaded in my fb. Thanks lot

  2. Check out my 2019 instrumental album!

  3. What is the tuning bro?

  4. I can't get tone right, trying to match the sound but sounds more like Metallica

  5. It would really help me if you had standard inlays lol

  6. bala- bala youtube chanel

    Haturnuhun mang.. Di tampi pisan elmu'na… Tuluykeun abi keur di ajar… Abi geus subscribe..

  7. What effects pedal should I use?

  8. Hi, I really love this song, but I don't know if I'll be able to play it well someday, maybe I should start with something easier, but I don't want to! :(. Btw, nice video!

  9. Effect distortion or overdrive?plss respond

  10. Over drive?

  11. great tutorial but can we have tabs plz?


  13. What's the tuning of your guitar Standard? gaddad ?

  14. You look like Harry potter

  15. You are A GOD for this!!

  16. I just want to say thank you so much <3 <3

  17. How will I play this on acoustic guitar ???

  18. omg its harry potter!!!!

  19. Thanks for the video. It's real good for me. Thank you again. Do you have the Tab or something? I wanna get the tab or the score.

  20. Best chord 14:59

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