Can’t Get It Out Of My Head – ELO – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Can't Get It Out Of My Head - ELO - Acoustic Guitar Lesson

An acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of one of my favourite ELO songs – Can’t Get It Out Of My Head. Loads more free lessons can be found at Guitar Tutor Man’s official website: where you can find a song sheet for this video. Please support my video creation by clicking here 🙂


  1. Hi there – Please share my website (where you can find a song sheet for this video) via Twitter or Facebook if you get the chance.  Best wishes  – Alan 🙂

  2. Alan, nice singing.

  3. wonderfull tutorial thank you ! Maybe you teach us how to play "Love and Rain" Jeff Lynne ELO.

  4. Awesome.
    I love the relaxed delivery.

  5. A beautiful song, and a great performance!!

  6. what a great voice you have!

  7. really nice version and the best lesson….thanks!!

  8. My favourite E.L.O. track, well covered and the careful way that you demonstrate is second to none, you have an amazing talent for teaching and the painstaking task of putting together like that, I commend you. Excellent and a thousand thanks……..

  9. I'm from Brazil and I watch your classes a lot. You teach very well. Thanks

  10. Very nice.

  11. Musiians seaking freinds

    good flash back songs

  12. Excellent as alaways!

  13. I love the velvet revolver cover to this song. You did it as well as them!!!! Thank you for the lesson! Now I can play 🙂

  14. A big THANK YOU from Serbia! You are great! Can you check out also Telephone Line from ELO?

  15. Great love the tabs.  Learned it in 1 hour..Now I need to practice.

  16. Thank you mate 🙂

  17. you´re great, amazing! Thanks

  18. Man Man "head on"
    Make a cover for it!! 🙂

  19. I mustache you a question

    That guitar looks very easy to play.

  20. thanks, stones are awesome, take a look at the albums "beggars banquet", "sticky fingers", "let it bleed" and "exile on main st" ofc

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