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This weekend is Spanish guitar.
I had so much fun playing this captivating Spanish guitar intro on my acoustic guitar that I thought it would be a good idea to share this lesson with my tribe.
We will be working on the most played chord Spanish chord progression in A minor: Am – G – F – E and I will show you how you can create beautiful Spanish guitar intro using the question and answer concept.
This intro follow a very specific structure that I call “question and answer” where two ideas communicate with each other in order to create a beautiful contrast between the two melodies.
This weekend is going to be awesome!
You can check this lesson down below and also learn the second part of this beautiful Spanish Solo on Guitar.

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  1. Where is the other video?

  2. tu parles trop. ç'est énervant

  3. What is the name of this song?

  4. Hey where can i find the next video to this? Ive learned this first part.

  5. meme that brainwashed me
  6. I bought a new guitar, thought i will play better
    Then i realize, its not the guitar, its me

  7. Murat cihangir çimen

    Very spoke … 🙁

  8. what is the name of this music?

  9. You edited out a part of the explanation at the end with the F chord, which is making it nearly impossible for me to actually learn the sequence.

  10. fantastic job. for a guy whose mother tongue is not british you explain yourself very well. Many thanks.

  11. Wonderful lesson.

  12. What is the name of this song ?
    Thanks for the video!!

  13. EverlastingGlory BMC

    Dude your music is just beautiful… You literally make the best tutorials out there… Thank you so much and pleaase do more spanish stuff on classical PLEASE! I can't thank you enough

  14. Marlon john Freyburger

    Magnifique, merci.

  15. where is the previous video?

  16. Thank you very much,I’m in a rut with my classical lessons,your lessons are breathing new life into my routine

  17. You are such a great guitar teacher! God bless you!

  18. Your video is very useful
    Can you add indonesian translation?

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