Cat Stevens Guitar Lesson – Peace Train – How to Play On Acoustic Guitar

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  1. Brother; would you make a tutorial on 'peace be upon you' by maher zain ,,, I'd be grayeful to u ! your titorials always been helpful to me, thank you and god bless you !

  2. can you please show us how to play If I Laugh by Cat Stevens… pretty please

  3. Thanks!!

  4. Cat Stevens? Don't you mean Yusuf Islam?

  5. very good point on the G chord, I have been teaching that theory for a long time. so if you are just starting out. do your self a favor and play your G chords this way as shown. I have been playing for a very long time and that would be my advice, BUT feel free to play it anyway you want lol.

  6. Please Out The Blue by John Lennon

  7. Amazing and easy to understand. , Thanks a lot !!

  8. You are a very good teacher. I'm just beginning. and the other vlogger 'guitar made ez' or some name like that, has zero pedagogical talent and unctuously sneers at the audience like he's condescending to a child, he's Hideous. You're way cooler.

  9. I just re-discovered my Cat Stevens love…thanks for the video, you're great!

  10. Kaja Noor Baklund

    Thank you so, so, so much!

  11. Are you sure that's an F ?

  12. Great lesson! Thanks! :)

  13. this is terrible and now how its played. its a C with the pinky on the third fret of the high E. then G back to that C. and thats how that repeition of the verse goes. and.then second part is then F, C, F.
    then here is the one he is missing. it goes F, G, Am,(<– lyric is and i believe it could be) then F, G, F. and im done i wont tab out the melodic parts just yet

  14. Hey Marty, I to have a spot for Stevens in my Heart. I would like to make request of Will world as I can't find it anywhere detailed. Cheers Daan.

  15. Hey Marty, I and a soft spot for Cat also. I work at a place where we have lots of acoustic players all day playing Wild World. So it's refreshing for me to find this lesson. 

  16. I'm glad you put this song on here even though you didn't have many requests. I've been trying to teach myself through videos for a month or so now and I feel I've come a long way. I'm always disappointed when I look up a song and you don't have it because you are by far the best to learn from on here. Keep up the good work.

  17. Great work Marty, each lesson seems a little clearer and less distant from the goal of playing something "identifiable" by family and friends. By the way, don't suppose you can also do a lesson on how to play Cat Stevens "Miles From Nowhere" ??

  18. finally i can play this song on guitar and my quality of life has improved somehow. I can't believe how awesome this song is

  19. for some reason

    the g is higher then they c

    can anyone help me

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