Cat Stevens – Moonshadow – Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar – Acoustic Songs

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How to play “moonshadow” by cat stevens, an all time classic for sure!

Cat Stevens – Moonshadow – Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar – Acoustic Songs
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  1. Just bought a guitar {I'm 65} Great lesson! even a dumbass like me can follow! Now I can play something!

  2. Mechanical Mike

    Most comprehensive guitar lesson I've seen to date. Well done

  3. mon ami assisi

    @3:43 lolololol, yup, i'm still there :- p –practice, practice, practice!…

  4. Colin Bartlett

    I can remember exactly where I was when I first heard this song in 1971!
    It really stood out. Great tutorial, thank you

  5. I played this during the eclipse.

  6. Well done. Very easy to understand you and thank you.

  7. i wud love that guitar sounds and looks amazing !! what is it ? i want one !

  8. you are a good teacher !!!!!to morons !!

  9. marty somebody said to me today that youre a queer ?? is that true marty ??

  10. Martin Garrnix

    Das ist wirklich cool


  12. Charlie Powell

    Hi great lessons, can you do one for Lady D'arbanville by Catherine Stevens, thanks again

  13. I so love your tutorial! Thanks a lot! 🙂

  14. hey Marty I just want to say thanks a lot for all the great songs this song in particular as for a girl that I really like and I learned this one tonight because of you I think she's going to like it but I just want to say rock on thanks a lot Marty cheers

  15. Spirithunter Arts

    I got this song stuck in my head the other day so I sat down to learn it. Couldn't figure out the little D riff (I was trying to Barre it) so, of course, I went looking for Marty this morning…. Thanks for the help man.
    But then I looked at a fairly recent video of Cat (Yusuf) playing this song live. He fingerpicks the little D riff while holding his flatpick between his first and middle fingers. Took me most of the morning to get to the point where I could do it without dropping the pick. Hey Marty, I want to see you do it this way!

  16. You are awesome! Love this song and learning it now

  17. Salvador Cortes

    "'Marty ,eres un Maestro numero uno!!!!

  18. Moadth Ba-Sulouh

    I've always wanted to learn this one! thanks!

    What about into whites or hard headed woman? 😉

  19. Great lesson. My 2 1/2 year old LOVES this song, can't wait to play it for him!

  20. Kaushik Mukherjee

    Thanks for your nice tutorial. What is model and make of your guitar?

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